Red wine sales in France plummet as white and rosé triumph

Young people’s drinking habits and a broader decline in alcohol consumption are thought to explain the reversal

Two people clinking glasses of white wine
Sales of red, white and rosé wine have ‘flipped’ in the past 15 years, with white and rosé now outstripping red

Red wine is less popular in France than white and rosé, according to new sales figures. Young people’s drinking habits and a broader decline in alcohol consumption are thought to explain the historic reversal.

Sales of non-sparkling white and rosé now outstrip those of reds, show figures from market research institute Circana, with sales having ‘flipped’ in the past 15 years.

  • In 2010, 57.3% of bottles of wine sold in supermarkets were red, and 42.7% white and rosé

  • In 2024, 58% are white or rosé, and 42% red.

Lower wine and alcohol consumption overall

The drop in red consumption also coincides with an overall decrease in wine drinking in France - a drop of as much as 60% over the last 60 years. 

“Trends in wine consumption are taking place against a backdrop of falling overall alcohol consumption,” said an Ipsos survey for FranceAgrimer and the Comité National des Interprofessions des Vins (CNIV), last December. 

Younger people in particular appear to be choosing other drinks over wine, especially beer, and even lower-alcohol options.

More than two-thirds of 18-24 year-olds do not like the taste of red wine, and prefer sweeter drinks, found a Wine Intelligence agency survey, reported by Le Figaro.

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The trend has also been partly attributed to changing eating habits, with structured meal times giving way to ‘lighter’, more casual meals, and apéritif- and tapas-style dinners that suit white and rosés better.

“White wine is seen as a lighter drink," Jérôme Baudoin, editor-in-chief of La revue du Vin de France, told TF1. “And because it's served chilled, I think there's less of a sensation of alcohol.” 

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The phenomenon is not only happening in France. In 2023, the Organisation internationale de la vigne et du vin (OIV) said that for the first time ever, global consumption of whites and rosés was higher than that of red.