Refunds of social levies hit by delays

Out of 20,000 applications for reimbursement of social charges paid by non-residents living elsewhere in the EU on French property income (such as rents or capital gains) only 11,000 cases have so far been resolved, says a senator for French expats.

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Olivier Cadic has been scrutinising the reimbursements, which are due on levies paid in 2012-2015 following an ECJ court ruling stating that social charges should not have been levied on people already paying into the the regime of another country.

Mr Cadic has also found that interest due has not been paid as it needed calculating separately. Another 9,000 cases are still being processed, he said.

Meanwhile 10,000 applicants were refused as they live outside the EU, a matter which is subject to a new ECJ review, with a decision not expected until the end of 2018.

Mr Cadic says 1,000 new claims have been lodged contesting charges that are being levied again on non-residents since France changed the way the pro­ceeds are used, as of 2016. A decision is awaited from the Montreuil administrative court.

President Macron has promised to review the levies.