SEE: the 10 cars most-prized by thieves in France in 2023

Cars that draw the eye attract unwanted attention too

The Toyota Rav4 is statistically the most frequently stolen car per 10,000 on the road
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We review the ten cars that thieves target more than other models, according to a report by French motoring magazine, Auto Plus.

Common cars are stolen more frequently than more valuable cars for the simple reason that there are more of them.

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However, more valuable cars are stolen more often relative to the number of them on the road.

For example, while the most stolen car in France is the ubiquitous Renault Clio 5, worth €18,500, the car most frequently stolen relative to the number in circulation is the Toyota Rav4, worth €41,500.

“The Clio is the most common car in France, and as such is obviously the most stolen. However, their owners are ten times less likely to fall victim to theft as people who have a Toyota Rav4,” reports Auto Plus.

In 2023, a total of 2,378 Clio 5s were stolen, compared to 274 Toyota Rav4s.

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