Temperatures in France to rise 20C in few hours over weekend

Highs of 30C or more are expected for the second weekend before a mini cold snap next week

Temperatures will be significantly above seasonal averages
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Temperatures in France are set to shoot up over the coming days with a cool start to the weekend to be quickly replaced by a warm spell. 

Temperatures on Friday (April 12) will hit 20C across most of France (up to 25C in the south) before cooling significantly overnight.

An overcast beginning to Saturday (April 13) will see a cold and potentially frosty morning – temperatures of between 6C and 10C are forecast across the country – before a warm anticyclone wind hits France from midday onwards.

Across the north and centre of France, temperatures will change by around 15C between the morning and afternoon. 

In parts of the south-west and north-east, however, the change will be closer to 20C, potentially even higher.

In Strasbourg, temperatures of 8C in the morning are expected to be replaced by highs of 29C in the afternoon, with these recordings also predicted in Toulouse. 

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Highs of over 30C before another shift next week

Temperatures of over 30C are expected in Lyon and Biarritz, with a potential national high of 31C. 

Winds will rest above the country throughout the evening and into the night. Expected temperatures at 21:00 on Saturday night are 21C in Paris, 22C in Bordeaux, and 23C in Toulouse. 

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Sunday (April 14) will see temperatures drop to seasonal averages throughout the day, particularly in the north, and in the evening there storms are forecast in the east, set to bring unstable weather to the Alps.

Early forecasts for next week are that temperatures will continue to drop by around 10C or more on Monday (April 15), falling once again to significantly below April averages.