Turning ‘bloopers’ into charity funds

Annual ‘wardrobe mistakes’ clothes sale Bloopers! is being held in the Gers this month and once again proceeds will go to epilepsy research in memory of an organiser’s son.

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The Bloopers! association, which raises some €3,000 for charity each year, is marking its 10th year. The idea originally came about when six friends were chatting about clothes shopping mistakes: they had all often been distracted by a great price or colour and had bought an item without trying it on only to discover it was a mistake - a blooper - when they looked in the mirror.

They decided to sell unwanted clothes they had accumulated and it became a fixture in the November calendar. Over the years they have donated over €20,000 to charities such as Cancer Support France and Médecins Sans Frontières.

Member Jackie Clarke said it is not a ‘jumble sale’.

“The clothes are all in good condition and we spend a whole day setting them out so they look good. There is always a rack of gorgeous, high-end clothes which we price individually. The rest are €1-€20. We also sell tea and cakes and we make sure the whole village knows about it.”

Sadly in 2017, Caspar, the son of one organiser Letty Gaze, died aged 22, having suffered from epilepsy from a young age.

Ms Clarke said it was a “terrible year” due to his loss and it had been an “obvious choice” to donate last year’s proceeds to research against the disease.

“We are very proud of all the work we have done over the years but when it is personal it gives us an added reason to arrange all the bloopers ready for sale and bake the delicious cakes,” she said.

The Bloopers! sale is at the Salle des Fêtes, Tillac on November 4 from 10-16.00, with proceeds to Caspar’s Memorial Fund.