Updated: How important is buying French produce to you?

We share reader feedback after the farmer protests swept France

Most readers said buying local, or French, produce was important to them
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French farmers recently took part in widespread protests across France, blocking roads and disrupting services including supermarket distribution chains.

There were numerous reasons for the protests, but one that often mentioned was anger over new deals that would allow more non-EU produce onto French supermarket shelves.

Farmers see this as a threat to their livelihood.

In light of this, and the protests overall, we asked Connexion readers for their opinion on the topic, and whether buying local French (or EU) produce trumped cheaper, overseas goods.

We highlight some of your comments below.

Local produce important to most

The majority of readers said that products being locally grown is one of their key requirements when shopping.

“I always check labels. When you buy French products you know how far they have travelled. We need to keep the food footprint as small as possible. First grow your own & second buy local, then buy French,” said P.S.

P.K. agreed that cutting the carbon footprint from food was the most important thing. “We always look at the distance that food travels to reach the shelves,” she said, “EU or French is our go to.”

“It is very important,” said C.B. “to shop locally.” “it supports our European Union products, helps our farmers and supports our food laws,” she added.

"I always try to buy locally produced food - wherever I happen to be," said G.M.

"It is crucial for people to buy local and French produce where possible," said P.M. "It supports the local economy and good quality is likely as local producers have a reputation to protect... I have no problem not having a pineapple!" he added.

Importance of organic food

Another important factor was that food was organic (bio) as well as French.

J.P. says she "buys bio so as to support those farmers who made the transition to reward their worthwhile efforts" when possible.

"We support the farmers," said J.H. and his wife V.H. "but would like to see a move away from industrial, intensive methods of production to a more sustainable model."

"I am more interested in quality food that is´bio’" said L.A., who prefers it even more than food simply being grown in France.

Not all agree

However, some disagreed, saying the farmers are hypocritical with their demands.

“The underlying issue is their refusal to comply with requirements to help reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions,” said P.L. “As with several other European countries the farming community is the biggest area of resistance to reducing levels of emissions that are currently helping to destroy the planet. “So do they have my sympathy? Absolutely not… Do I feel a desperate urge to buy French produce? No, it's overpriced already,” they added.

"French food needs to be far more sustainable," said L.A., who said he cares more that "food comes from farms that are run profitably rather than... supported by grants provided by my taxes."

Your views: Do you agree or disagree with these points? How important is buying local produce to you? Let us know via news@connexionfrance.com.

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