Urssaf: French social security contributions agency hit by scammers

The agency has warned people to be ‘extra careful’ as the number of scams targeting its members has increased recently

Scammers are targeting Urssaf members

The French social security contributions agency Urssaf has warned its users to be aware of scammers seeking to steal their personal details and hack into their accounts.

Urssaf is a network of private organisations tasked with collecting employee and employer social security contributions .

It says that the number of scams targeting Urssaf members has increased recently.

Scammers are sending Urssaf members emails, text messages, letters or even phoning them, asking them to settle unpaid contributions. They are then directing the people to a fake site and stealing their money or their personal details.

“Be extra vigilant if you receive a message asking you to make a payment to Urssaf from your bank account (RIB),” Urssaf stated.

The agency said that people should only use its official online website to pay social security contributions.

“There is no other legitimate site where this can be done.”

Urssaf never asks its users for their password, so avoid giving it to an unknown number or contact.

"Do not give out your personal details by email or telephone," the organisation warns.

“Like passwords, these will never be requested by an Urssaf advisor.”

When people share their personal information on a fake site, scammers can use it to hack into their private accounts.

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