Visas, French residency cards and other admin updates for April 2024

Plus, a standardised long-term residency status across all EU states stalls under Belgian presidency

News updates on UK self-assessment, UK family visas, EU residency and a French admin website for foreigners

Earn more to get UK family visa

From April 11, mixed British and other nationality couples wanting a ‘family visa’ for the non-British person to live in the UK must show income of €29,000, up from €18,600.

It is the first of several rises planned to take the level to €34,000 from later this year, then €38,700 by ‘early 2025’.

The income cannot include foreign work income (rents, dividends and pensions are accepted).

It means that for working-age couples abroad, the Briton might need to move back and establish a regular income before they can ‘sponsor’ their partner.

The partner can alternatively apply for a visa in their own right if they have sought-after work skills.

Savings above £16,000 can reduce the requirements.

House of Commons Library researchers could not identify any country that has a similarly high minimum income as €38,700, nor one that is as strict on the kinds of income.

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Share your ‘Anef’ website issues

Have you had problems using France’s ‘Anef’ website for residency cards and other procedures for foreign people?

If so, the support group for Britons in France Rift would like to hear.

Contact them at

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Plan to standardise ‘long-term residency’ rights across EU is shelved

The Council of the European Union under the Belgian presidency has decided to shelve a revamp that was under way on rights obtained by foreign residents after five years.

Recognition of this ‘long-term residency’ status varies country by country but it had been intended to standardise and enhance it.

A current benefit is the ability to move to many EU countries without needing a visa, although you still need to apply for a residency card, including showing you can support yourself.

Among proposed changes were allowing the five years to be accumulated in the EU in general, as opposed to one country.

The European Com­mission also wanted long­-term residents’ rights to be as close as possible to those of EU citizens, in terms of ability to move elsewhere to work.

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HMRC to close self-assessment helpline for six months

UK tax authority HMRC is closing its self-assessment declaration helpline from April 8 to September 30, saying it has been getting too many ‘simple’ queries.

Instead, you should search at

Webchat is available and people who cannot use online services will still be able to obtain help at 00300 200 3600 (0044 161 930 8445).

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