What is new for France in 2018

The new year 2018 promises a raft of changes affecting everyday life

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Among new measures are several which will hit drivers, smokers and letter-writers in the pocket although there is compensation as one of France’s main local taxes, the taxe d'habitation, is cut by a third for most households.

Earnings face a 1.7% rise in the CSG social charge and, while a new wealth tax now only targets ‘unproductive’ property assets, mort­gage holders will be able to hunt for cheaper insurance.

Micro-entrepreneur earnings ceilings are being doubled but the VAT thresholds are not, complicating the ‘simple’ business regime at the top end.

Commemorations to mark the end of the First World War will be shared between France and the UK as Nov­em­ber 11 is a Sunday, meaning that both Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday will be on the same day.

Sports fans have three notable ‘firsts’ with the Ryder Cup golf, the Gay Games in Paris and the return of the French Formula 1 Grand Prix.

On healthcare, children will face new obligatory vaccines and a new programme of breast and cervical cancer screening starts for women.

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