When are French roads going to be at their busiest this weekend?

Heavy congestion is expected as holidaymakers leave and return from their summer breaks

Roads in the south near the Mediterranean will be particularly affected
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Drivers in France are gearing up for another weekend of congestion on the roads with the August summer holidays still in full swing.

Whilst roads will not be as busy as last Saturday – dubbed a ‘black day’ for traffic and touted as the busiest of the year – traffic site Bison Futé has issued traffic warnings across all three days this weekend.

Saturday (August 12) will see level-three, red warnings for the entire country for traffic leaving larger cities.

These warnings are also in place for traffic heading back to Paris from the north-west of France.

On top of this, the south-east is facing a number of additional warnings, including red warnings on Friday (August 11).

Traffic may be exacerbated by the Assumption public holiday on Tuesday (August 15), where those still working may take a holiday on Monday (August 14) to ‘faire le pont’ and have a four-day weekend.

You can see a map below of the warnings for this weekend.

Credit: Visactu / The Connexion

Mediterranean traffic on Friday

Warnings begin on Friday, with all of the country on a level-two orange warning (citing increased traffic).

The warning applies to traffic on both roads departing and arriving from major cities, as there continues to be a switch between those leaving and starting their summer holidays.

A number of Mediterranean departments, including all those touching the coast, are facing level-three red warnings, for roads returning to major cities.

“Traffic will be difficult nationwide and very difficult on the Mediterranean arc, particularly on the A8 and A9,” said Bison Futé about Friday.

On top of this, the A10 travelling from Paris to the south-west of France is expected to face heavy traffic in the afternoon.

The Mont Blanc tunnel is expected to be congested for drivers returning to France for almost all of th day (11:00 – 24:00), with particularly heavy traffic between 17:00 and 20:00.

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Heavy traffic all over on Saturday

Saturday will see warnings increased, with all of France on a level-three red warning for traffic on roads departing major cities.

In particular, the “A7, A9, A10, A11, A61, A71 and A75 motorways will be particularly affected”, said Bison Futé.

Roads in Brittany, including the A11, but also the N165 between Quimper and Nantes will be affected, and see congestion from late morning to late afternoon.

Roads such as the A61, A71 and A75 but also the A20, which serve central and southern France will be congested due to travellers around the Massif Central and Occitanie areas.

The A7, going back north towards Lyon from the Mediterranean, is also set to be heavily congested, particularly in the evening.

On Sunday, the level of warnings decreases drastically – the north and west of the country have no warnings in place, and only the south and south-east face level two warnings.

The Mont Blanc tunnel is set to be busy in the afternoon and evening though, and the A7 in both directions could face heightened traffic in the early afternoon.

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