€6,000 grant to help buy an electric car in France extended all year

It was originally set to end on July 1

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The government grant to help people buy an electric or hybrid car is to stay in place under the end of the year rather than stopping from July 1
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France is to keep the ecological grant that is worth up to €6,000 to help people buy an electric or hybrid car until the end of 2022 rather than ending it on July 1, it has been confirmed.

Economy minister Bruno Le Maire announced the change today (June 29).

He told CNews: “We have a major ambition, which is to speed up the transition from thermal [combustion] vehicles to electric vehicles. We must support our citizens. Many of them cannot afford an electric vehicle at all.”

The grant is intended to help individuals buy electric or hybrid cars, or other vehicles that emit only small amounts (if any) greenhouse gases.

The amount rose to €7,000 the day after the first Covid lockdown in March 2020 before coming down and settling at €6,000.

The grant scheme was originally set to end on July 1 this year.

The amount you can receive as part of the scheme varies depending on the type of vehicle you are buying – small electric car, hybrid car or van – as well as the price of the car and who is buying it – whether it’s an individual or a business.

The top amount that can be given, €6,000, is for individuals buying (or in some cases renting for more than two years) a small electric or hydrogen vehicle that costs under €45,000. In other cases, grants of between €1,000 to €6,000 can be obtained.

A similar grant of up to €1,000 is also available for buying or long-term renting second-hand electric vehicles.

See more information on the government’s page here.

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Electric and hybrid market on the up

During President Emmanuel Macron’s first five-year term in office, around 430,000 grants were given, the Ecology Ministry said.

Last year, the hybrid vehicle market rose to 25.8% (a rise of more than 11% in a year) in France, while the electric vehicle market rose to 9.8% (a rise of 3% points).

In contrast, diesel cars’ share of the market dropped 9.5% points compared to the previous year, to 21.1%.

People who live or work in certain low-emission zones in France can also benefit from even more help, with loans of up to €30,000 to help them buy hybrid or electric vehicles.

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