Can I check if I have received age relief on French property tax?

Some people aged 65 – 75 can receive partial discount from taxe foncière bill, depending on their household income

Some exemptions, including partial relief based on age, are possible for taxe fonciere bills

Reader Question Regarding the taxe foncière for 2023, I thought that as a couple in our principal residence and in our early seventies we were entitled to relief of €100.There is no mention of it on our bill. How can I check that the relief has been applied and whether it is applied per property or per person?

There is a possible €100 reduction in the case of people aged 65 to 75 (as opposed to the full exemption that can apply, on certain conditions, to people aged 75 or more).

This relates to your age as of January 1 of the relevant tax year.

It is only applied once per property and, if it is in place, should be shown in a line on the second page of the bill referring to a dégrèvement.

Normally, it should be applied automatically.

Income level affects eligibility

The person in question is the one the tax office has down as the homeowner and, if the home is owned jointly, it can relate to either.

However, it could be that you did not benefit because your income was too high.

For 2023’s tax, the tax office would look at the revenu fiscal de référence (net taxable income) on your income tax statement for 2022 income.

It must be below a ceiling, which rises according to the size of the family group.

In the case of a couple without dependants, this is €18,233.

If you think a mistake has been made, you can tell the tax office via a private message in your space on the official French tax website, choosing je signale une erreur dans le calcul de mon impôt.

Whether you do this, or do it by letter or in person, you need to explain why you believe a mistake has been made – for example, showing proof of age and your income tax statement.

It is possible to claim refunds until the end of the second year after the one when you were billed.

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