Can you use a French disabled parking badge in the UK?

We look at blue badge rules for French nationals and residents in the UK

Blue badge holders can park for free with no time limit
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Reader Question: I am French and have recently just moved to the UK. Am I able to use my French disabled parking badge here?

The British government allows the use of French blue badges in disabled parking spaces anywhere in the country.

The same is true for badges from any other European Union member state.

This means French blue badge holders can normally park in disabled parking spots free of charge and with no restricted hours.

They can also park on yellow lines on roads for up to three hours or in free on-street spaces where there is a time limit for other drivers. Badge holders would not normally be subject to the time limit in this case but there will be exceptions.

Some areas in England and Wales may require you to indicate time of arrival by placing a cardboard parking clock in view.

Blue Badge holders can also park for free with no time limit – unless a time limit is displayed – in ‘on-street’ parking controlled by meters and pay-and-display machines and in ‘on-street’ disabled parking bays indicated with a blue wheelchair symbol.

These three spots are preferable to parking on yellow lines, as indicated by the Ministry For Transport on its website.

In private car parks, it is up to the owner to decide whether badge holders can park for free or not.

However, the reverse is not true for UK blue badge holders in France, as the French government has yet to recognise them. British people living in France may apply for a badge in France, the Department for Transport told The Connexion.

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