Covid-19 France: cycling for exercise

I have two small questions about confinement: 1. I understand the ban on competitive or sporting cycling, but can I use my bike for exercise as long as I keep to a 1km limit from my home? 2. Can a couple both go in a car to the shops, but only one does the shopping and the other stays in the car?

Riding a bicycle, or an electric or non-electric scooter, is only allowed for going to work or to go shopping or help a vulnerable person. The Coronavirus helpline has confirmed that you cannot use a bicycle for exercise, even within a kilometre of your home and for a maximum of one hour.

A couple cannot both go in a car to the shops even if one stays in the car. There are only a few situations when two people can travel together in a car.

These include taking someone for medical care who is either not in a fit state to drive or cannot drive. If someone has to do the shopping they can take someone they cannot leave alone at home, either because they are too young, or may have a condition such as Alzheimer’s and there is no other alternative care solution.

A driver can take a non-driver in their household to work if there are no other transport solutions and the driver must tick motif familial impérieux on the confinement form.

A parent can also accompany a son or daughter for driving lessons if they are signed up for the conduite accompagnée.

If someone is returning from overseas, a member of the family is authorised to go and pick them up from public transport if there is no other way of getting home.

Answers to these type of questions can be found on the government website:

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