France lockdown: Can I write two names on an attestation?

No, you cannot write two or more names on a travel exemption form, even if you live together.

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Reader question: Can we write two names on a travel exemption form? And what about children?

No, you cannot write two names on a travel exemption form.

This applies even if the people named are married or live together. Minors under the age of 18 do not need to carry travel exemption forms unless they are travelling alone. As such, you do not need to add children’s names to your own attestation form either.

Each attestation has space for one individual to write their first name, surname, date and place of birth and address. You are not allowed to write these details for two people on the same form.

If you leave the house and find you have forgotten your paper copy of the travel exemption form, you can complete and download a digital copy directly on your smartphone.

The travel exemption form is available to print and download here (in French). There is an English version available and also an easy-read version with pictograms. There is also a digital version available via the TousAntiCovid smartphone app.