Free TV message lets people show family they care

Telecoms firm Orange has launched a way for people to send video messages for older relatives who do not have a smartphone during the Covid-19 crisis – and it shows a selection on prime television during advert breaks.

Users can create their video on their smartphone or computer before downloading it on to the platform It is free and open to all.

Users have to provide their name, email address, the recipient’s name and area where they live.

If their video is selected, they are notified of the day and time when it will be broadcast so they can tell their family to watch. Up to four videos of 5-15 seconds are shown each time.

Orange spokesman Tom Wright said: “The videos are shown at important times, for example before and after the news at 13.00 and 20.00, or during TV shows older people are likely to watch.

“We wanted to give a meaning to our slogan vous rapprocher de l’essentiel [bringing you closer to what is essential].”

The adverts are broadcast on TF1, France 2, France 3 and France 5. More than 1,300 videos were sent in the launch week in mid-April.