French health authority recommends anti-bronchitis vaccine for over 75s

It also advises that people aged over 65s with certain conditions also have it

Medic administers a vaccine to the arm of a patient with a syringe
The rollout of the vaccine will be announced at a later date
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France’s public health authority has issued a recommendation that people aged 75 and over should make an appointment for an anti-bronchitis vaccine this autumn.

The Haute Autorité de santé also recommends that over 65s who have respiratory or cardiac conditions also get the vaccine. 

It advises that people take the jab against RSV, the respiratory syncytial virus that is responsible for bronchitis, as vaccines against this have recently received authorisation and can be given for the first time this year.

Every year, between 15,000 and 20,000 elderly people in France are hospitalised with bronchitis. 

In previous years, a ‘triple-epidemic’ of bronchitis, flu, and Covid hit French hospitals during winter, saturating hospital beds. 

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Further information regarding the vaccine calendar will be available later in the year but it means older people will be able to take vaccines against bronchitis, flu, and Covid simultaneously.

European authorities gave two vaccines against RSV – one from Pfizer and one from GSK – the green light to be used from this autumn. 

A third, by US group Moderna, is currently also being assessed but is waiting further EU confirmation before it can be used on the public.

The choice of which vaccine to use will be up to the medical professional giving the vaccine. 

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