French income tax: What is the Asdir and when might you need it?

This document, generated as soon as you apply online, can help with many practical situations such as renting a flat or opening a bank account

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You can get basic help through the message function in your personal space on the French tax website
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Those declaring their French income online at can download a document called their Asdir at the end of the process.

This is not your final avis d’imposition tax statement, but is an indication of what tax will be payable, with no payment details.

The full name of this document is avis de situation déclarative à l’impôt sur le revenu.

This document has also in recent years replaced the old avis de non-imposition ‘no-tax statement’ that was sent to those who do not pay income tax as their income falls below the thresholds for tax.

People in this category, unless they have opted to go ‘entirely online’, will also receive a paper Asdir in the post in the summer, in place of the avis d’imposition sent to those with tax to pay.

The Asdir will contain your revenu fiscal de référence (net taxable annual income figure) which is required for several formalities as well as other information such as your number of ‘family quotient parts’, similar to what is presented on the avis d’imposition.

The Asdir generated after an online declaration can be used already as a proof of income to show to banks, landlords or officials, if necessary, without having to wait (if appropriate) for your final avis to be sent in July to September.

This may be useful eg. in order to show entitlement for certain welfare benefits, to rent a flat, take out a loan etc.

Note however that the tax authorities told The Connexion an Asdir is not generated automatically in the case of complex declarations, which may include those where foreign incomes are involved.

An Asdir generated online can be saved as a PDF or printed and a copy will be available in your personal space on the website for three years under Mes Documents.

If you make more than one online declaration, eg. because you had corrections to make, the last Asdir will be shown in your space in green and underlined, whereas previous ones will be in blue.

  • Online income tax declarations opened in France yesterday, April 8, 2021. For more about declaring your income to France this spring see our French Income Tax 2021 helpguide.

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