French supermarket offers price-saving deal to over-65 shoppers

The aim is to help retirees with rising inflation

Casino is offering special discounts to seniors and students
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French supermarket Casino is offering over 65s a special discount on a deal that will entitle them to a 10% in all shops.

CasinoMax is a loyalty deal offered by the retailer that usually costs €10 per month, but since May 3 over 65s can sign up for €3.

It gives them 10% off all products in the shop, including those already discounted.

Cédric Osternaud, director of marketing and innovation at Casino, said that over 65s represent 28% of their clientele.

“It is clear that seniors are particularly affected by inflation at the moment, as pensions are not increasing very quickly," he said.

“So we thought about how to support them and give them back their spending power.”

Casino is also offering over-65s free home deliveries for purchases of €60 and over. For others, free delivery is only offered for orders of €150 and upwards.

There is no timeframe on how long the discount will be in place for over-65s.

The CasinoMax scheme has been available to students in France for €2 a month since October.

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