French train tickets on sale from €3: where can I buy them?

You have until Sunday (June 11) to purchase a discounted fare

This week’s special sale focuses on regional routes
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France’s state-run railway operator SNCF has launched a summer sale, with some train tickets being sold for as little as €3 for regional routes across the country.

Alongside flash sales for cheaper tickets, there will also be discounts on regional weekly, monthly, and yearly passes for TEnon-high-speedeed regional train services) routes, including combined plans for families and friends.

On top of this, certain deals with ‘tourist partners’ will see discounts on local activities within some of the regions, and some regions are offering the chance to win prizes even without buying a ticket.

The ‘TER Days’ sale started on Monday (June 5) and is running until Sunday (June 11).

How can I buy tickets?

Although masterminded by SNCF, tickets are sold on a regional basis, corresponding to local services within each region.

Some of the regions are offering the deals through their specific travel cards, such as the Fluo in Grand Est.

Below is a list of the regions offering deals:

(Région SUD covers both Occitanie and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur).

Daily prizes, such as free train tickets and a night in a luxury hotel are being offered, alongside special discounts to cultural and tourist events including summer festivals.

Some regions are even offering the chance to win a ‘golden ticket’, that will see owners travel completely free on the region’s train services for one year.

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