Mechanics not ready to test motorbikes for French contrôle technique

Some testing centres are still in the dark about next year’s roadworthiness checks for two-wheelers

Two-wheelers registered before January 1, 2017 are dueto have a CT test before the end of next year

Test centres are still in the dark about the rules for doing the mandatory roadworthiness tests on scooters and motorbikes that are set to come in next year.

A worker at one of the Nice branches of the large Securitest Contrôle Technique network said they do not know if they will be able to offer this.

“We have no news about it. Nothing’s established, it’s very vague,” he said.

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‘We don’t know what’s happening’

A worker at another test centre in the city, Autosur, said: “It’s still in discussion and we, the contrôle technique centres, don’t know what’s happening. There is no training or equipment in place.”

Under a recent law, all two-wheelers, from 50cc upwards, will have to have CT tests costing around €50.

The first to be involved will be those registered before January 1, 2017, which are due to have a CT test before the end of next year.

The tests will have to be done from the fifth year, and then every three years.

A test certificate no more than six months old will be required in future to sell a scooter or motorbike.

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