Millions of drivers in France yet to claim their €100 fuel aid

Payments are now being made

So far, only 30% of eligible people have applied for their aid

Payments of France’s new €100 fuel aid from the government are launching today (January 27) and will be paid across by bank transfer. Up to seven million eligible drivers are yet to apply.

The targeted €100 aid, dubbed the “indemnité carburant travailleurs (workers' fuel allowance)” replaces the previous universal at-the-pump fuel rebate, which was in operation between April and December 31, 2022.

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However, only three million people had applied for their aid as of Tuesday (January 24), France’s Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said.

This is far below the 10 million workers who are thought to be eligible as they have to use their vehicle for work and fall into the correct income criteria (see below). It means that so far only 30% of those who are entitled to it have applied.

The measure will cost the government around €1billion, said Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.

Eligible drivers have been able to apply since January 16 via a dedicated website form. The deadline for applications is February 28.

We recap who is eligible and how to apply.

Who is eligible?

The eligibility criteria are:

  • Drivers in the ‘five lower deciles’ of revenue (meaning the five-lowest income bands for tax purposes)
  • This represents a taxable income per household ‘part’ (an adult) of €14,700 or less per year in 2021
  • Drivers who use their vehicle for professional reasons, such as driving to work or making trips for work purposes

Specifically, the income bands for those eligible are, for example:

  • €1,314 net per month for a solo person
  • €3,285 for a couple with a child, or a woman with two children
  • €3,941 for a couple with two children
  • €5,225 for a couple with three children

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How can I apply?

Eligible drivers can apply for the money via a dedicated form on the website.

To make a request, you must:

  • Apply before February 28
  • Include your vehicle licence plate number
  • Include your fiscal tax number
  • Enter your bank account details (for the payment)
  • Give a sworn statement that the money will be used for fuel

Warning over fuel aid text scam

On its website, the Direction générale des finances publiques (DGFIP) tax authority warns about a fraudulent SMS campaign aimed at fuel allowance recipients.

The fraudsters impersonate the tax authorities and try to retrieve personal and/or banking data via a phishing method by making them click on a link.

The DGFIP reminds the public that it does not send any SMS to promote the fuel allowance. The only way to get this help is to go to the official website and fill in the dedicated form.

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