More than a million extra people to get France’s next fuel cheque

The €100 fuel cheque for low-income drivers is set to be extended as part of a new government deal

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More than one million extra people in France are set to be eligible for help with petrol costs in 2024
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More than a million people in France are set to receive a fuel cheque for the first time in 2024, after the government agreed to extend the number of people eligible for the financial help.

An additional 1.3-1.4 million people are likely to benefit from the aid - which is called indemnité carburant travailleurs (workers' fuel allowance) in French.

This will cost the government an extra €160-€165 million, said Charles de Courson, leader of the independent party Liot, to the 'Assemblée Nationale.

The government is thought to have agreed to the extension as part of a deal with Liot MPs to win their abstention in the vote on the new finance law.

The vehicle fuel cheque is not to be confused with the ‘fuel cheque’ for at-home heating or energy.

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Who will be eligible for the cheque?

Up to 50% of workers on the lowest incomes who must use their vehicle for work. This would have already applied to almost 4.3 million people in France, to which the extra recipients will now be added, said the finance ministry.

This means 5.6-5.7 million people will be eligible.

To qualify drivers must be in the ‘five lower deciles’ of revenue (meaning the five-lowest income bands for tax purposes), as shown by the taxable income on their most recent tax return.

Eligible drivers can apply for the money via a dedicated form on the website.

How much will the cheque be for?

The cheque will be for €100 per eligible vehicle. This will equate to 20 cents per litre for six months travel, for an average driver.

If your application is successful and you are found to be eligible, the cheque will be paid into the specified bank account around a week after the application is accepted.

When will it start?

As stated by President Emmanuel Macron on September 24, the allowance will be available from January 2024.

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