Moving holiday money from France to the UK

My wife and I live in France but are planning to spend the summer with our son and his family in the UK. We will want to move money across from France (euros to sterling) to cover our needs - what is the best solution?

BBQs, Wimbledon, drizzle… English summertime has a lot to recommend it.

Opening an account with a leading currency provider will give you a quick and easy way to access funds on the move during your time in the UK as you can make fast, free transfers at any time of day or night.

You just pick the currency you want to buy and where you want it sent, whether its your own bank account in the UK if you still have one or your son’s, for example, then transfer your funds to the company, which will do the rest.

As well as helping you secure a better exchange rate for your transfers than you would be given through a bank, it will also be moved fee-free.

As many banks charge a fee of £10 to £40 per transfer, using a free service leaves you with more cash to spend on holiday treats.

If you made 10 money transfers to the UK during your eight weeks away, for example, and your bank charged £20 per transfer, you could save £200 – think of how many Mr Whippy ice-creams £200 could buy!

This is also a much more cost-effective option than using your French bank card in the UK or getting travel money from a Bureau de Change.

A good currency exchange specialist will also aim to make it as easy as possible to make currency transfers on the go with the option of using a mobile app to move money in a couple of clicks.

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