Noisy chickens, chimneys, renovations: French property round up

Our pick of property stories you may have missed

Our wrap also includes a look at some confusing, potential changes to short-term let laws in France
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Local villagers defend farmer’s ‘noisy chickens’

Residents of a small Savoie commune showed up in force to defend a recently-installed farmer and her chickens after a second-home owner complained about noise levels.

Around 200 residents turned up to protest, claiming the 900 chickens were good for the local economy because they provided access to high-quality eggs.

The second-home owner, who has had a residence in the commune for 30 years, now says she has been shunned by the locals.

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Keeping chimneys safe from fires

We cover a number of tips on how you can minimise the risk of fire from your chimney this winter. Advice includes choosing the correct type of wood, making sure rules on cleaning the flues are followed, and objects with should and shot not be placed close to the fire.

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Have Airbnb taxation rules changed?

There has been some embarrassment for the government, who seemingly forgot to remove a Senate amendment from their 2024 budget bill before passing it.

The amendment related to the taxation rules surrounding Airbnb and other short-term lets, significantly reducing the amount of income that was free from taxation.

However, the government has said the law will be reversed as soon as possible, and that the changes will not apply for the coming year, even if part of the budget law.

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Properties looking for a little TLC

Our pick of five bargain properties currently on the French market, listed for much cheaper than you may initially expect, but all need renovation.

However for those happy to put in the work (or hire professionals to help), some real bargains can be found, with all five of the properties listed being large and spacious.

The five properties range from the centre to the north of France, including former country estates and hotel houses.

We include photos of all the listings.

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