Online British food shop not sending goods but is still taking orders

Shoppers have reported not receiving items they have paid for from British Online Supermarket

The British Online Supermarket appears to have stopped sending orders
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A website that offers worldwide deliveries of British products has received criticism from clients who claim that they have not received their orders after months of waiting.

They say that British Online Supermarket has not responded to repeated calls and emails. However its website is still active and taking orders.

One reader who paid €255 and reported not yet receiving the goods said: “It has been over a month since my order, and there has not been any response to calls, emails or messages”.

The UK government’s website on company information lists the firm as active but shows that all directors have resigned and no replacements are listed.

Since British Online Supermarket is based in the UK, customers in France are unable to receive support from French or European organisations.

Instead, the French consumer organisation UFC Que Choisir advises reporting any complaint on the website econsumer, an international group of which the UK is a member state.

Another avenue would be to report to the UK's Trading Standards service though it is unlikely you will be able to get your payment back.

If British Online Supermarket – which the website states is owned and operated by iBrit Limited – does show it is in bankruptcy or liquidation, shoppers can register as creditors via this link.

As mentioned, iBrit is still technically ‘active’ according to official records.

When considering shopping from an online marketplace, UFC Que Choisir advises calling or emailing first to ensure that it is a legitimate business. It states that companies based outside France or the EU must be approached with more caution, since it will be challenging to take successful legal action if things go wrong.

If you are looking for British products to be delivered to you in France you can find several suppliers online and, depending where in France you live, you may also find French supermarkets with a shelf of British products, or even specialist British food shops.

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