Payouts of up to €1m given for informing French tax office of frauds

The scheme began in 2020 and has led to €110m in penalties and extra tax being recovered

You can inform tax office of frauds and be rewarded

Do you suspect someone of massively defrauding the tax office? You could obtain a pay-out that can theoretically be as much as €1million if you act as an aviseur – informant.

However, the behaviour concerned must amount to a tax fraud of at least €100,000.

This was brought in as a two-year experiment in the 2020 Finance Law, and it was extended again for this year.

Taxes such as income tax or IFI property wealth tax can be involved, as well as, for example, impôt sur les sociétés.

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So far, around €1.8million has been paid out and €110million in penalties and extra tax have been recovered.

Informants are promised their anonymity will be maintained.

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