Property form: How long for French tax site login details to arrive?

Several Connexion readers report having followed the online process to obtain this information

There is still time to apply for login details as a non-resident if you have not yet done so
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Reader question: As non-residents, we applied for login details to the tax site but they have not arrived yet. How long should this take?

If you are non-resident and do not have login details to access the French tax site to make this declaration, it is possible to ask the tax authorities to create this information and send it to you.

You can find the link to the form here and further information in this previous article.

The tax authorities specify that applying for online personal space access via this link for non-residents is aimed at people who have a French numéro fiscal (tax number), notably because they have paid local property tax, but have not previously declared income to France.

The other possibility listed for applying via the form is if you have French-source income that is subject to at-source income tax.

By completing this form you will be sent an email giving you a link to create your personal space using only your numéro fiscal and your birthdate.

A number of Connexion readers who needed to use this method have told us it then took one to two weeks for the login information to be emailed to them.

This will still leave property owners sufficient time to meet the June 30 deadline, provided they apply soon.

However, if the issue is just that you have forgotten your password, then resetting this online should be much quicker.

Connecting to the site via FranceConnect is an alternative option for residents, however if you do not already have suitable log-ins from a partner site such as you will need to allow time to create logins for example using La Poste’s identité numérique or the Yris application.

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