Will France send out two energy vouchers this year?

A reader in France recently received a chèque énergie, and would like to know whether this is instead of or in addition to the usual energy voucher which is sent out in April

We explain the chèque énergie exceptionnel on top of the annual chèque énergie
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Reader question: We recently received a new chèque énergie exceptionnel.

Do you know if ‘exceptionnel’ in this case means that it is an extra payment, and we will also receive the usual chèque énergie in April, or is it only ‘exceptionnel’ because it is earlier than usual?

To qualify for the €50-100 wood energy cheque, we have to prove we heat with wood.

My husband usually cuts ours on our property, but we are running low. If we spend this €200 cheque on wood, I think it would be proof, and we could use April’s cheque to bring down our EDF bill

If you usually receive an annual chèque énergie (energy voucher), and you continue to meet the income requirements, you will receive it in April as usual.

It is true that the word exceptionnel can have a few different meanings in French, but in this case it means that the latest cheque was a one-off payment, in addition to the annual voucher.

These cheques, which were sent out between December 12 and January 27, benefit twice as many people as the annual payment – 12 million households in total.

In addition, it is already possible to apply for a further €50-100 grant, which is aimed at households that use wood heating here.

The guidelines state you need a receipt or bill in your name from the last 18 months, proving you have purchased at least €50- worth of wood.

As long as you make sure you receive a receipt that specifies the amount you paid for wood, you should be able to qualify for this.

You will still receive another energy cheque voucher in the spring, which you can then use towards electricity costs.

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