Barrister’s fight over EU voting

Barrister Julien Fouchet is hoping for an imminent ruling by top administrative court Conseil d’Etat over difficulties for Britons seeking to vote in the EU elections in France.

1 May 2019
By Oliver Rowland

This concerns people who would have liked to vote but did not register, presuming they could not as Brexit was set for March 29, and are now being refused or ignored by  mairies.

Mr Fouchet has been seeking to challenge the French no-deal laws on the basis that they treat British people after Brexit as having lost their EU citizenship rights, which he disagrees with. He wants a referral to the European Court of Justice on this point. He says the fact that Britons are struggling to be able to vote, despite the fact Brexit has not happened yet, provides more grounds for action.

He has lodged a case on behalf of one British person but may lodge a new application if other people come forward. He has been offered a hearing on May 13 at the Conseil d’Etat but is seeking a faster process.

He can be contacted via

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