Letters: check your receipt at supermarket till in France

Connexion reader says overcharging is commonplace and staff rarely apologise for mistakes

Henry St John / Blan-k / Shutterstock
It can pay to calculate the bill yourself rather than blindly trust the shop

To the Editor,

It was so nice to read Susan Warner’s letter in the May issue.

I cannot agree more about supermarkets and other stores charging more than the shelf price.

I always check my till receipt against my notes and add up the bill as I do my shopping. Staff at the till are always surprised – or annoyed – at me for finding a pricing fault and rarely apologise for mistakes. 

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I was once overcharged by a whopping €163.95 at Decathlon. Several of my items were reduced by 50% but put through at full price, including two pairs of walking boots at €79.99 each and a third pair that I hadn't bought! 

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As a savvy shopper I was able to prove that I only had two pairs before I left the store. On that occasion I demanded to speak to the manager who was gracious enough to apologise. 

Loretta Hartop, Charente

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