What links a pizza with 800+ French cheeses and Toulouse rugby club?

Answer - they are all new entries in the Guinness World Records Book. Read on to see what else has been added

Some 48 entries in the Guinness World Records book for 2023 related to France and French people
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The Guinness World Records Book 2023 has just been published, and contains 48 records relating to France and the French people, compared to 21 in 2022.

Among the France-related records for 2023 is a pizza measuring 30.5cm across and covered in 834 different French cheeses, which was created by chef Julien Serri, Youtube Morgan VS and fromager François Robin.

Figure skating duo Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron also secured the highest ever recorded score during the world championships in Montpellier in March, with 229.82 points. This made them world champions for the fifth time.

French footballer Karim Benzema has also gained the record for the highest number of consecutive seasons spent playing in the Champions League and scoring at least one goal each time.

The Real Madrid striker has been playing since 2005, and shares his impressive record with Lionel Messi. He also won the Ballon D’or award on Monday (October 17) for best male footballer over the 2021/2022 season, becoming the fifth Frenchman to do so.

Runner Gilles Dufosse has also been named as the record holder for the unusual feat of running the fastest marathon while dressed as a harlequin. Mr Dufosse ran the Virgin Money London Marathon in three hours, 56 minutes and 27 seconds on October 3, 2021.

A French woman, Eloïse Von Velvet, has secured the world record for owning the highest number of stuffed toys, figurines and other memorabilia from the Japanese Studio Ghibli animation company, at 1,304.

Rugby union club Stade Toulousain now holds the record for the most victories won in the European Rugby Champions Cup.

Still in a sporting vein, judoka Teddy Riner, from Guadeloupe, has won the most gold medals in judo in the history of the Olympic Games.

Finally, professional pilot and hot air balloon pilot Rémi Ouvrard reached an altitude of 4,016 metres above Vienne on November 10, 2021, a world record.

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