Beware of bulk-buy ‘deals’ in French supermarkets

A Connexion reader advises that you should always check the price per kilogram

The pricing of some bulk buy ‘deals’ in supermarkets has been exposed as dishonest

The pricing of some bulk buy ‘deals’ in supermarkets is dishonest, as reported in your recent online article.

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My first encounter was in relation to packets of coffee in Leclerc.

I reported them and later a consumer protection association took them to task, after which things improved.

Since then, overpriced bulk ‘deals’ can be found everywhere.

I always check the price per kilogram or litre, though it usually takes longer to shop and occasionally they aren’t correct.

There should be a law banning the practice, as well as rules to stop items reduced in size from keeping their original price.

For those who don’t have time to check every item, it is an equally dishonest practice.

In these times of rapidly rising prices, where people are not buying as much, maybe it would be a good idea to offer the choice of smaller packets.

With so much food waste, it would also be beneficial to those who can’t/won’t use all the contents.

Elderly people like myself, who eat less, are often obliged to buy items designed for a family of four to six and the sell-by date limits how long we have to consume it.

Connexion reader Jenny Spooner, by email

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