Colder weather on way to much of France

It comes as river flood alerts continue in north-west

In some areas, temperatures may not pass 0 on Wednesday or Thursday
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Temperatures across France are set to take a cold turn overnight, as a polar wind descends from the north.

A change in temperature tomorrow (November 22) will see maximum temperatures fail to reach above 10C in most of France, with only coastal areas remaining at average November temperature levels.

In the Alps and parts of the Massif Central, temperatures will struggle to reach above 0C until the weekend.

The snap will continue on Thursday, particularly in central regions, where temperatures will hover around 3C - 7C.

The end of the week will see slightly higher temperatures along the English Channel, and it is set to be warmer in Rouen than Nice.

Snowfall in the Pyrénées mountains has led to warnings over icy roads and potential avalanches.

Little rain but river flood risk continues

Departments in the north of France continue to face warnings over river flooding, despite no rain being forecast there for today (November 21).

Frequent rainfall in previous days has left river levels high, although a reduction in rainfall should see most warnings lifted by tomorrow.

Charente-Maritime and Pas-de-Calais continue to face heightened orange warnings over river flooding, with more than a dozen on a tier-two yellow warning, mostly in the north-east but also in Normandy and the west.

The high levels – and subsequent warnings – have been caused by record rainfall in the previous month, but predictions for this week are that little rain should fall in the area.

Warnings will likely recede by tomorrow provided no rain falls.

You can see the rivers currently facing warnings today on the official Vigicrues website.

This may not be the case in Pas-de-Calais, however, where warnings have been at an increased level for over two weeks, and flooding has decimated hundreds of communes.

Météo France has consistently returned the department to an increased warning level, even when others have seen alerts dropped because of the saturation of soils.

Rainfall of up to 30 mm hit the department yesterday, states the departmental prefecture, which in turn raised river levels, particularly the Canche and Hem, dangerously high.

Nearly 1,000 firefighters were deployed in the department on Monday to help combat flooding risks, and over 6,000 homes have now been impacted by flooding.

You can keep up to date with weather warnings for the next 48 hours using the official Météo France website.

National rail operator SNCF announced earlier that several lines running through the department would be impacted, particularly around Étaples.

This includes the Saint-Pol - Étaples route, which may be out of service until April 2024, the operator said, and the line between Étaples and Boulougne would not run until the first quarter of next year.

Travellers impacted by the closure of lines will be able to take alternative trains at no extra cost, the company said (provided they are not high-speed trains). Further information is due to be communicated at the end of November.

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