EU launches new travel info site as borders begin to open

A new online tool to help people living in Europe plan summer trips to other European destinations has been launched by the European Commission.

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The site, named Re-open EU, opened this week and comes as Covid-19 restrictions begin to lift across the 27 member states. It focuses only on EU countries - hence the UK is not included, neither are other neighbouring states like Norway or Switzerland.

The tool groups all the latest information and good practices to help travellers to legally and easily travel across borders this summer, as each country introduces different rules for tourists in the wake of confinement.

It includes information on transport options, quarantine rules, whether shops are open, and any other restrictions or rules that travellers may need to know.

Thierry Breton, European commissioner, said: “[Using the site] will let you know how you can get from one point to another, and what you will find when you get there, including what precautions to take.”

The information is updated regularly, and is available in 24 languages.

Users need to select their destination country from a dropdown menu - e.g. Spain - and the website will then provide the current latest information on travel rules in and out of that country.

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For example, for Spain, at the time of writing, it says: “A 14-day quarantine is mandatory, with some exceptions, for all travellers arriving in Spain, regardless of their country of origin. Spain will open borders as of 21st June without quarantine to all incoming tourists and nationals.”

It also has a series of colour-coded icons, relating to specific forms of transport, transiting, and questions such as: “May I enter this country by car/ferry/train?”, “May I move freely?”, “May I enter this country without a mandatory quarantine?” and “May I enter this country without a medical certificate?”

The icons are then colour-coded green (no restrictions), orange (some restrictions) and red (not allowed).

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The site also provides information on the services and shops that are open or available in the country, and any restrictions still in place.


For France, the site is clear that restrictions and quarantine rules are still in place for arrivals.

It states: “Third-country nationals coming from outside the EU and associated Schengen countries are subject to quarantine, even if they are asymptomatic.

“The quarantine is voluntary for travellers coming from Spain by plane and for travellers coming from the United Kingdom. The quarantine is mandatory when travelling to overseas territories. Travellers showing symptoms of Covid-19 infection during border health checks should be subject to quarantine or isolation, regardless of their nationality.”

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The UK

The platform includes the 27 EU states, including Austria, Belgium, Malta, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia and Romania.

However the UK is not on the list as it left the EU on January 31, although it remains part of the related customs union and single market until the end of the Brexit transition period.

Currently, the UK is imposing a mandatory 14-day quarantine on all arrivals, regardless of nationality or where your journey began. In response, all arrivals to France from the UK are invited to self-quarantine for 14 days as part of France’s “reciprocal” quarantine agreement.

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