Father and son survive 30-metre Brittany bridge fall

A father and son from Vosges have made a miraculous escape after plunging 30 metres from a Brittany bridge in their car.

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The exact cause of the crash has not yet been determined, but so far reports say that the father and son were travelling in a Peugeot 3008 car on the Morbihan Bridge near the commune of Marzan (near Vannes in Brittany), when an unknown error caused them to lose control of the car and plunge into the river below.

The car’s 30-metre descent was reportedly slowed by some trees and vegetation, and the pair was able to escape the car unaided before the emergency services arrived, according to French news site 20 Minutes.

Father and son, whose names have not been revealed but who were on holiday in the area, escaped with minor injuries. They were later taken to hospital in nearby Vannes as a precaution.

“Their escape really was miraculous,” said captain Jean-Bernard Ferrère, second-in-command of the gendarmerie in Vannes, speaking to local newspaper Le Télégramme.