France set for a much colder snap and snow this weekend

Temperatures are expected to be at least 3C below seasonal averages in all parts of the country - and colder in some areas

If predictions are correct, it will be the first time in almost six years that national average temperatures are below 0C
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France is set to be hit by a sudden drop in temperatures with the arrival of freezing winds from Scandinavia and Russia.

Temperatures will begin to fall from Friday (January 5), reaching their low-point in the early half of next week.

Temperatures are expected to be at least 3C below seasonal averages in all parts of the country, although in some places such as the Jura, they will be considerably lower.

All areas in France will be affected but drops will be particularly prominent in the east, with heavy snow also forecast, and in the northern half of the country.

The national average on Tuesday January 9 will be -1.3C, the coldest of the period, and more than 5C lower than usual, predicts La Chaîne Météo (owned by Le Figaro group).

If this low is reached, it will be the first time since February 2018 that the national average temperature in France is below 0C.

How long will it last?

This ‘cold snap’ will begin on Friday (January 5), with the arrival of bitter winds from the north, although temperature drops will be more prominent from Saturday onwards.

From this point until the following Sunday (January 14), temperatures will be below the January average, which is 5.6C states La Chaîne Météo.

Snow in east, temperature drop everywhere

Although temperatures are set to fall across France, the effects will be less noticeable in the Mediterranean south where temperatures around Nice will still be around 11 - 14C.

Near Perpignan and the Spanish border, this is set to be around 7 – 10C.

In the centre and north, however, temperatures may struggle to reach above 0C, even with no rain or clouds forecast during the cold snap.

In the east at altitudes above 1,500m, temperatures could be below -5C, leading to icy conditions on roads. Overnight they will be as low as -10C, or even -20C in the Jura.

These hilly and mountainous areas will also see ample snowfall during the cold snap.

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