Listeria fears spark recall of saucisson and butter in France

Listeria is the second-highest cause of death from food poisoning in France

Nearly a dozen items of saucisson have been recalled
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A large recall of saucisson has been announced over the possible presence of listeria.

It affects nearly a dozen products, including chorizo and hazelnut-flavoured saucisson.

The items were sold in Biocoop, Marcel & Fils, Carrefour and Système U outlets.

Two butter products were also recalled for the presence of listeria.

Organic brands affected

All of the saucisson products recalled came from three bio (organic) brands, including Biocoop’s brand of saucisson.

The other two brands with products affected were Bioporc and Le Bio des Eleveurs, which are sold in both Carrefour and Système U supermarkets.

The products were sold between March 10 and March 24 and most had “best before” or “consume by” dates for early May.

All the information on the products affected can be found here.

For those who purchased anything listed, the official advice is to not consume it. Return the product to the point of purchase for a refund. This can be done until mid-to-late June, depending on the brand.

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Refunds for butter until April 3

Last week also saw two butter products recalled for the same reason:

The Ker Argoet product was sold at Grand Frais, Fresh et Mon Marché stores between February 21 and March 15.

The Le Gall butter was sold at Carrefour, Intermarché and Auchan between February 17 and February 27.

As with the saucisson, the official advice is not to eat it and return it for a refund before Monday, April 3.

If you have eaten any of the saucisson or butter listed - and are showing symptoms such as headaches, fever, and muscle soreness - you should contact your GP immediately, as listeria can affect people up to eight weeks after consumption.

It is particularly dangerous for elderly people and pregnant women, and it is the second-highest cause of death from food poisoning in France.

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