Oranges sold at French supermarkets recalled over banned pesticide

They were sold in bunches and loose form at retail outlets including Auchan, Intermarché and Leclerc

Oranges are a popular fruit at this time of year
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A country-wide recall has been issued for oranges sold at a number of French supermarkets due to the presence of an EU-banned pesticide.

The product affected -- Maltese Oranges originating from Tunisia -- were sold across a number of outlets, including Auchan, Cora, Intermarché, and Leclerc, as well as those managed by Système U.

The products were sold between February 10- 20 and the recall was issued on the official alert site RappelConso.

Sold loose and under brand name

The oranges were available to buy either loose or under the brand name “Orsero”, in packets of 1.5kg or 2kg.

They were shipped and sold across France in a number of large supermarkets, meaning the recall is not localised and could affect many consumers.

Two lots of the products were affected, with the following barcodes:

Barcode 3254560413245 for lots 73967.B11 ; 74158.B13 ; 74994.B16 ; 75293.B17 ; AM31.041.B10 ; AM31.042.B11 et AM32.041.B10.

Barcode 3605265023763 for lots AM31.011.A11 ; AM32.041.B10 ; AM32.044.B13 et AM32.045.B14.

The country-wide recall follows a recent cross-brand mass yoghurt recall, and France has seen over 6,000 products recalled in the last two years.

The pesticide present in the oranges, chlorpyriphos (Chlorpyrifos in English), has been banned in the EU since the beginning of 2020.

Official advice is to not consume these oranges, and either to take them back for a refund or throw them away.

Supermarkets will reimburse consumers for the product up to March 19.

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