Scams, aid, tax bills sent in error: five French practical updates

Our pick of recent practical articles you may have missed

We also look at apps to control your energy consumption and a ranking of mobile operators in France
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A host of scams to look out for

Two articles from this week focus on scams that are currently doing the rounds.

The first looks at seven common scams that are eternally popular in France.

Many target drivers, either by asking them to pull over or tricking them at fuel stations, whereas others take place online.

The second article looks at a set of scams relating to fake aids and quotes for repairs after the recent storms that battered France.

It looks at the common set up of these scams, so you can spot them more easily, as well as questions to ask yourself if you need to repair your property to see if you are being tricked.

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Aid boosts for workers

We look at the prime d’activité aid available to millions of working people in the country, which can be used to top up low wages.

The aid can range from €15 to almost €600 per month, and although millions of people could benefit from it, not everyone eligible has applied.

We outline the criteria as well as links to an official calculator to see how much you could receive.

Drivers who use their car for work – or to commute – will also be eligible for the 2024 fuel aid.

Similar to this year’s version, it will be a €100 payout, but even more people (up to six million) will be eligible for the aid in 2024.

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Is your mobile operator right for you?

This article covers which of the main mobile network providers in France provide the best service.

Results are broken down into overall rankings, as well as how good service is in rural and urban areas specifically.

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Apps to help around the home

Here we cover five apps that homeowners can use to help with energy consumption in the home.

They can be used to both to save money from reducing energy usage, but also plan ahead for any potential issues from energy shortages this winter.

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Check for tax bill error

Homeowners should check their online space on the tax website after the tax authorities released a statement revealing that thousands of taxe d’habitation bills had been sent out in error.

Some people have two addresses listed under their profiles, which has led to the error, as the tax is levied on second homes.

If you have received a bill by mistake, the authorities ask that you contact them immediately and absolve yourself of paying the bill – those who do not do so may have to pay, even if the bill is an error.

The mistake is most likely to affect people who recently moved home (as administrative errors could result in them having two addresses listed), but all homeowners should check their profile on the French tax website just to be sure.

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