Where can I find petrol deals today and tomorrow in France?

Carrefour, Casino and the controversial Auchan are among those offering discounts or vouchers on fuel purchases on March 25 and 26

Carrefour is one of the companies set to offer consumers money off or vouchers this weekend to help counteract the effects of the soaring cost of fuel
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Supermarkets and fuel companies in France are taking it in turns to offer promotions on the cost of fuel as prices soar, largely due to the conflict in Ukraine. Here are some to watch out for this weekend.

Promotions will apply at:


  • 15 centimes per litre reimbursed on your Carrefour fidelity card (maximum of 99 litres)
  • March 25-31


  • Bringing back its “fuel for €1” offer.
    This means that within the limit of a full tank of petrol / diesel of 50 litres, drivers receive a shopping voucher equal to the difference between the price posted at the pump and €1.
  • March 25-26

Update: This offer is exclusively at Géant Casino's


  • Offering a €6 voucher for a fill-up of more than 30 litres
  • Happening March 25-26, and April 1-2
  • Valid on Unleaded (Sans-Plomb) 95, 95-E10 and 98, and diesel, as well as super ethanol E85
  • In order to benefit, keep your full tank receipt and show it at the shop till when you pay for your other goods
  • Valid on purchases from €60 and over
  • Vouchers from March 25-26 valid until April 2
  • Vouchers from April 1-2 valid until April 9

It is not clear if consumers will welcome the Auchan offer, however, given the ongoing controversy over the French giant continuing to operate stores in Russia. (Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused French companies, including Auchan, of being “sponsors of Russia's war machine”).

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  • Offering a discount of 10 centimes off per litre of fuel at its stations in rural areas
  • The discount is €1 for 10 litres, €3 for 30 litres and €5 for 50 litres
  • The offer has been in place since mid-February and will remain until May 15
  • It includes Diesel, SP98, SP95, SP95 E10
  • Available in 1,150 stations around the country. See full list here.

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Fuel prices are currently soaring, although small dips have been seen in recent days. Most service stations are currently showing prices of around €1.90 per litre, with some experts predicting that prices will again hit the €2 per litre mark or more soon.

Olivier Gantois, president of the petroleum industries union l’UFIP (Union Française des Industries Pétrolières), said earlier this month that petrol prices could even soar as high as €2.87 per litre in the coming months.

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The government has pledged to offer 15 centimes off each litre from April 1, and has also asked supermarkets and other commercial outlets to support customers with offers where possible.

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If the cost of a barrel rises to $150, the cost at the pumps would be €2.17 per litre. In the currently-predicted worst-case scenario, should the cost of a barrel rise to $200, that would mean a €2.87 per litre cost at the pumps.

At the time of writing, the price of a barrel of Brent Crude oil (the global benchmark) is $121.

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