Energy-efficiency renovation grants reform for homes in France

Changes to MaPrimeRénov’ will provide more aid to both large and small scale renovation projects

Larger financial aid will be made available for making homes more energy-efficient

France’s grant scheme to give aid to make homes more energy-efficient will be subject to changes from January 1.

MaPrimeRénov’ will be organised into two sections: ‘performance’ grants for large-scale renovations, and ‘efficiency’ grants for changing a boiler, or a combination of a small number of renovations, including insulation and low-carbon heating systems.

‘Performance’ grants will become more attractive, meaning the amount left to pay by the lowest-income households is minimal, the government has promised.

It will also be obligatory to consult a Mon Accompagnateur Rénov’ advisor for ‘performance’ renovations.

This will be free for those on the lowest incomes, and local authorities can decide to cover part or all of the cost for other groups.

The aid available for this service will increase from €1,200 to €2,000, with the government pledging an additional €300million to fund this.

France is hoping to reach 200,000 large-scale renovations in 2024, compared to 90,000 today

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