France extends bike aid scheme and adds second-hand bikes

France’s help-to-buy bike bonus aims to encourage people to travel in a more environmentally friendly way

France’s bike aid scheme now covers second-hand bikes
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France’s help-to-buy scheme is being extended until 2027, and second-hand bikes will now be eligible. The scheme, which aims to “encourage clean transport” according to the Ministry of Ecological Transition, is available to those earning under a certain threshold and is means-tested.

Who is eligible for the scheme?

  • Over 18s who are resident in France, with a reference tax income (RFR) per unit equal to or less than €15,400. This falls to €7,100 for non-e-bikes. Your RFR is found on the top left of your paper tax statement or via the copy in your personal space on the French tax website. It works on information from two years ago - for example when applying for a bike bonus in 2024, you would use the RFR on your 2023 tax return, which is calculated using income from 2022.

  • People with a disability.

  • Legal entities such as companies, associations or local authorities.

Which bikes are included?

The government has just announced it is including second-hand bikes in the scheme, across both traditional and e-bike models. However, to be eligible, second-hand bikes must be bought from a professional retailer and not from an individual.

Eligible bikes include classic, electric and those specially adapted for disabled riders.

Also included are classic and electric folding and cargo bikes, as well as those adapted for disabled riders and electric trailers.

How much aid can I receive?

People can receive up to a maximum of €400 towards the purchase of a new or second-hand electric bike. The total amount is calculated on a means-tested basis.

For a cargo bike, electric bike trailer or a bike adapted for a disabled person, the available aid is up to €2,000.

You can find detailed information on the eligibility criteria on the official government website.

How to apply for the bike bonus

Applications must be made within six months of buying a bike on the website

The following supporting documents are needed:

  • A copy of a valid identity card, passport or residency permit

  • A copy of proof of address less than three months old

  • A copy of the purchase invoice for the bike

  • A full copy of the tax assessment for the previous year

  • Proof of disability, if applicable

What if I don’t qualify for the bike bonus?

The government suggests getting in touch with the local authorities in your town, département or region, as there are often more local help-to-buy schemes available.

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