French company to launch stylish airbag jacket for cyclists

The jacket can inflate in 0.08 seconds, allowing it to protect the neck, spinal cord and abdomen of cyclists

These jackets can inflate rapidly in the event of a crash, offering protection to cyclists

French clothing brand Urban Circus is set to launch an airbag jacket for cyclists that inflates within 0.08 seconds in the event of a crash.

The special airbag jacket was developed in partnership with French airbag specialists Helite.

The jacket, called Cirrus, works thanks to two sensors, one stored on the jacket and the other on the bicycle.

When a movement is detected that indicates a serious fall or an accident, the airbag inflates.

It absorbs the shock of the fall and protects the neck, spinal cord and abdomen.

It only deploys in case of a serious accident. For example, if a cyclist loses their balance at a traffic light and gently falls, the airbag will not deploy.

There are over two million cyclists in France. Last year, 4551 accidents were recorded.

Helite states that 40% of cyclists in serious crashes receive injuries to the thorax and 20% receive injuries to the spine.

In 2020, 182 cyclists were killed on roads in France (184 in 2019). People aged 55 to 75 were the most likely to suffer fatal injuries, making up 30% of all deaths.

Urban Circus’ airbag jackets will be available to buy through Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform, at some time this month.

There are two versions, the Cirrus and the Cirrus light.

The Cirrus jackets will be available to buy for €730 and the Cirrus light for €190.

However, the first 20 people to buy either type will get a 50% discount.

You can get an update of when the jackets will be launched by signing up to Urban Circus’ website here. French company to launch stylish airbag jacket for cyclists.

The jackets are also waterproof and reflective.