French health pass problem after third Covid dose fixed, states Ameli

A woman who received a third Covid booster jab found herself locked out of public venues for one week due to a technical bug with France’s health pass system

A technical issue related to Covid booster jabs in France resulted in a woman’s vaccination certificates not working for one week
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An issue that caused health pass QR codes on Covid vaccination certificates to stop working for one week after a third vaccine dose has now been resolved, a spokesperson for Assurance maladie has said.

A Connexion reader reported on August 23 that after getting a third vaccine dose, she was refused entry to a café and a restaurant because the QR codes on her new and old vaccine certificates would not scan. This continued for one week.

France is now offering Covid booster jabs to all over 65s, people at risk of serious forms of Covid-19 and care home residents.

A person is only considered fully vaccinated seven days after their final Covid vaccine dose. This should not affect people receiving booster jabs, though.

France’s health ministry stated on August 26:

“There will be no impact of the third dose on the health pass. That is, if you have your health pass, whether you go for your booster or not, you will keep the benefits.”

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The Connexion reader, who asked to remain anonymous, received her vaccine dose early due to serious health issues.

She said that she was given a new Covid EU vaccination certificate after receiving her third dose. This certificate indicated that she had received three out of three doses. She kept her old vaccination certificate, which indicated she had received two out of two doses.

This two out of two certificate had been working correctly with France’s health pass scheme until she was given a third dose.

She said that after her third dose, both vaccination certificates stopped working for a week.

A spokesperson for France’s Assurance maladie, in charge of vaccination certificates, told The Connexion that the issue was linked to the technology used by venue staff to scan QR codes on the certificates, called TousAntiCovid Vérif.

She said today (September 8) that the issue should now be resolved.

The woman The Connexion spoke to was not happy about being locked out of public venues for one week.

“It could have been a disaster,” she said.

“Part of the reason that I wanted the third dose was to travel safely to England, and we could have been stopped at the border if I had”.

“It is crazy.”

A French person in their 70s living in Doubs also faced the same issue, a report by regional French newspaper L'Est Républicain published yesterday (September 7) claims.

If anyone who receives a third Covid vaccine dose experience this issue, please let us know at

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