MAP: French school holidays 2023-24 by region

Holiday dates are split into three zones. We look at the dates to be aware of

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We look at the school holiday dates for the 2023-24 year
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If you are trying to plan a holiday for later this year or in 2024, it might be useful for you to know the dates on which French school pupils will break up and return to the classroom at Toussaint, Christmas, Easter and more.

Below you will find the school holiday dates for the 2023-24 year.

For some holidays, the country is split into zones, meaning that pupils will have staggered breaks.

Zone A includes: Besançon, Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon, Grenoble, Limoges, Lyon and Poitiers, as well as the surrounding areas.

Zone B includes: Aix-Marseille, Amiens, Caen, Lille, Nancy-Metz, Nantes, Nice, Orléans-Tours, Reims, Rennes, Rouen, Strasbourg and the surrounding areas.

Zone C includes: Paris, Créteil, Versailles, Montpellier and Toulouse.

If you are not sure of the zone in which you live, you can use this government simulator.

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