Reminder: Only 11 days left to apply for France’s €100 fuel aid

Over three million eligible drivers are yet to apply to the scheme

Over three million eligible drivers have yet to submit a claim for the aid
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Drivers in France have until March 31 to submit a claim for €100 in fuel aid.

As of last week, around 6.5 million applications have been made, yet around 10 million people are eligible, according to government estimates.

The one-off payment is for drivers of ‘modest’ means who use their vehicle for work purposes or to commute to work.

What is the scheme?

Instead of an across-the-board discount to all drivers at the point of purchase, the fuel aid – announced at the end of last year – was brought in to focus assistance towards drivers on lower incomes who use their vehicles more frequently.

The scheme was originally slated to finish at the end of February, but due to low uptake was extended an extra month.

Despite the extension, however, the most recent government figures show that more than 3 million eligible drivers have still not submitted a claim.

Applications usually take ten days to be reviewed, and if successful, the payment is received around eight days afterwards.

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Who is eligible?

The aid is for those who fall into the ‘five lower deciles’, or the five lowest tax bands - meaning a taxable income per household “part” (an adult) of €14,700 or less per year in 2021.

The income bands for those eligible are:

• €1,314 net per month for a solo person

• €3,285 for a couple with a child, or a woman with two children

• €3,941 for a couple with two children

• €5,225 for a couple with three children

You must have worked in 2021 to receive the aid, however, as it is based on 2022’s tax information.

You must also use your vehicle to commute to work, or for a work-related purpose.

The vehicle can be either electric, hybrid, or with a traditional thermal engine, and can have two, three, or four wheels.

Where can I apply?

You can apply on the official government tax website at, where there is a dedicated space for fuel aid applications.

You can also check your eligibility before applying using the site.

To apply, you will need to enter details including your vehicle licence plate number, your numéro fiscal, and your bank account details (to receive the payment).

There is also a helpline you can call (0 806 000 229) to apply or to ask questions regarding your eligibility or application status. It is free to apply via the phone (albeit with a standard call rate) and the line is open Monday to Friday between 8:30 – 19:00.

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