Second homeowners in France: Can I get a heat pump grant?

Reader question, answered: Are heat pump grants only for residents of France?

Black wood burner in a cosy room with a pair of shoes and a guitar on the floor. Who is eligible for a heat pump grant in France? Michael Shannon / Unsplash
Who is eligible for a heat pump grant in France? Michael Shannon / Unsplash
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I have heard there is a scheme in France to stop people using oil for heating and the French government will give a hefty subsidy to you for a pompe à chaleur. Does this only apply to full-time residents?


One of the government’s new drives to help the environment, while creating work, is centred on providing grants so people can insulate their homes and change boilers. At the start of 2020, the government would pay up to €3,000 towards a pompe à chaleur heating system if it replaced an oil-burning one. This increased to €4,000 for people with low incomes.

The aid has now been grouped into a platform called MaPrimeRénov but, unfortunately for you, it only applies to main residences. Another factor is that although MaPrime-Rénov is to be extended to people of all incomes next year, access to the aid depends on providing a revenu fiscal de référence, something you only receive if you make a tax declaration for impôt sur le revenu – income tax – in France.

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You will still be able to benefit from a reduced VAT rate of 5.5% if you have a pompe à chaleur installed, and some departments might provide a small rebate on local taxes for work linked to energy conservation, but again these are less likely to apply to holiday homes.

Second home-owners are, however, eligible for a new €150 grant to help pay for a programmable thermostat for their central heating to reduce energy bills.

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