SEE: Latest figures on Covid-19 in France show cases are stabilising

The number had been rising since July

People over 65 and other groups are advised to get a free booster vaccination
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The spike in Covid-19 cases is showing signs of stabilising, figures for last week show, as France begins the roll-out of its new booster vaccination campaign.

Health minister Aurélien Rousseau who took the step of bringing forward France’s winter Covid-19 vaccination campaign by two weeks, acknowledged that France was “in the middle of a reprise that is real'' in an interview with FranceInter on Tuesday.

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There are currently more cases of Covid-19 diagnosed than at any time since April 2023. Fortunately, last week saw the rise in cases stagnate for the first time since July.

The number of new diagnosed infections has been hovering around 55,000-56,000 each week for the past month.

New Covid-19 infections were stable last week but are still higher than at any time since April Pic: Visactu / The Connexion

This relative stagnation is not a sign that Covid-19 is becoming less virulent. The virus is still spreading, albeit no more so than last month.

Vulnerable people and anyone over the age of 65 are recommended to get their free booster vaccination at a doctor’s surgery, in a pharmacy, or from a nurse.

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