When is the deadline for filing your French tax return?

Online tax returns opened on Thursday (April 13). The deadline for completing them depends on where you live in France

Only some people will receive a paper tax form
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The window for online French tax returns - for declaring revenue from last year - is now open.

All residents of France must make an income declaration.

Non-residents who have income arising in France, such as from letting out a French property, also have to do so.

The government began sending out paper tax forms (form 2042) in early April but most will do their returns online. French tax authorities say only certain people can use the paper method: those without internet access, those unable to complete the form online, or those filing a tax return in France for the first time.

The window for declaring online - available at impots.gouv.fr - opened on Thursday April 13.

Deadlines for online declaration depend on the department you live in:

  • For departments 01 – 19, the deadline is May 25 at 23:59.
  • For departments 20 – 54 (and Corsica), the deadline is June 1 at 23:59
  • For departments 55 – 95, and overseas French territories, the deadline is June 8 at 23:59.

If you live outside of France, the deadline is May 25 at 23:59.

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Those who receive paper tax forms have a slightly earlier deadline of Monday, May 22 at 23:59.

Delays may incur penalties which could include a 10% income tax increase rising to 40% if you ignore written reminders from the tax office.

The Connexion has recently released its 2023 tax guide giving an overview of how to declare your 2022 income - find out more about this here.

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